Objectives to Performing a study on Frenotomy for Tongue-tie or Ankyloglossia


There were three objectives to performing a study on Frenotomy for Tongue-tie or ankyloglossia.


Methods of the study included examinations of breast feeding babies, Hazelbaker assessments, treatment and follow-up.

Study Group:

The study group comprised of inborn breastfeeding infants as well as outpatients with breastfeeding problems.

Indications for Frenotomy

A low Hazelbaker score in conjunction with breastfeeding problems are indications for Frenotomy. A hazelbaker score of < 11 for function and < 8 for appearance would be considered low. Breast feeding problems include ineffective latch, infant frustration at breast, low weight gain, and nipple pain.

Hazelbaker Scores

The total Hazelbaker scores for appearance and function are the sums of several characteristic scores.